Classic Chevy Truck Restoration Services

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Classic Chevy TruckThe idea of restoring a classic Chevy truck can be exciting. That is, until you’re working on turning that idea into a reality. Then you realize that it’s, well, work. Restoring classic trucks takes time and energy. When it comes right down to it, most of the people who are interested in classic Chevy trucks are either too old or too busy to be spending all of that extra time and energy on such a project.

However, it is still possible for you to have your classic Chevy truck restored in such a way that it retains its classic design, while also being fully optimized with modern technology. Simply bring your classic Chevy truck into Your Custom Chevy Truck for the updates and restorations you’re looking for. With our work, your classic Chevy can be restored with the following features:

  • Standard Equipment – this includes floor mats, gauges, handles, knobs, mirrors, bezels, lights, windshield wipers, and more
  • Independent Front Suspension
  • Power Rack and Pinion Steering
  • Power Front Disc Brakes
  • 350 Cubic Inch V8 Engine
  • 700r Automatic Transmission
  • New 1406 Edelbrock
  • New Gas Tanks
  • Dual Exhaust With Thrush Cherry Bomb Mufflers

And more!

Your classic Chevy truck will be optimized with plenty of modern equipment and technology, while still retaining all of the classic aesthetics that you love. You’ll drive away in a vehicle comprised of both old-school character and modern power.

Benefits of Our Restoration Services

We’ll Save You Time

Classic Chevy TruckRestoring a classic Chevy truck doesn’t just take a lot of time in the shop, it also requires comprehensive planning so that the restorations are carried out correctly. Consider the preparations that go into such a project, the time it takes to acquire all of the right parts, the research that goes into getting the right conversion kits…

And that’s only the beginning. At this point, many people are already starting to wonder how they’re going to complete their restoration.

With our services, you can dedicate your time to work and family, rather than spending all of your free time on making preparations and laboring away in the garage.

We’ll Save You Stress

Anyone who knows anything about restoring old vehicles knows just how frustrating it is when you can’t find the right parts. What’s more frustrating is thinking you have found the right parts only to find that they don’t fit, were incorrectly listed, or of a lower quality than you had originally expected.

You finally manage to make your way to the next stage of the restoration process, and then something breaks, something doesn’t work properly, your plans just aren’t materializing and it’s already three weeks in.

Classic Chevy TruckAt this point, many people throw down their tools and give up.

When you choose to have your classic Chevy restored by Your Custom Chevy Truck, you can rest assured that the restoration process is being handled by expert technicians who can bring your old Chevy truck up to its maximum appearance and potential. You won’t have to work, worry, or stress.