Customize Your Chevy

Standard Features

Every 1955-1959 Chevy 3100 Shortbed Small Window Stepside truck that we build comes with standard features that every Chevy truck enthusiast expects to ride in style down the road. From the moment a raw truck comes into our facility, the utmost care is taken to make sure we exceed every expectation our clients demand. The end result is always the same - a beautiful truck that runs great built with parts and accessories you have come to love.

Your Custom Chevy Truck builds and sells 1955-1959 Chevy 3100 Shortbed Small Window Stepside trucks in almost any configuration a client would want. We even offer many upgrades (at an additional cost) to suit almost any need. However, each truck that leaves our garages come standard with parts and accessories proven to compliment the style and functionality our clients deserve.

The base price of our 1955-1959 Chevy 3100 Shortbed Small Window Stepside trucks starts at $29,950.

Independent Front Suspension

Provides an exceptionally smooth ride on paved roads. It also increases ride comfort on dirt roads.

Power Steering

Provides easy steering. Perfect for the generation that grew up with these classic Chevy trucks.

Used 350 V8 Motor

4L60 Automatic Transmission

All New Glass Including Frames and Vent Windows

Oftentimes, windows, frames, and vent windows are one of the first things to go in an older Chevy truck. It is because of this we replace all of them with new parts and glass. We want you to ride in comfort and this is one of the ways we accomplish that goal.

New Wiring Harness

As time goes by, old wiring will eventually deteriorate. With a brand new wiring harness installed, you can expect your classic Chevy truck to last another 60 years before a replacement is required.

All New Plumbing For Brake Lines, Fuel Lines and Tranny Cooler Lines

The last thing anybody wants to do is replace old and cracked fluid lines. All of our classic Chevy trucks come standard with brand new and high quality hoses and metal tubing to ensure leak-free performance.

New in Cab Gas Tank, New Dolphin Gauges w/Billet Background

Because older fuel tanks are prone to rusting out, all of our classic Chevy trucks come with a brand new fuel tank.

Dual Exhaust w/Raptor Mufflers

When a classic Chevy truck drives down the road, it is expected to sound good. Our dual exhaust will sound fantastic.

New Bedwood w/Chrome Strips

While all of our classic Chevy trucks run like a dream, they also need to look great. With new bedwood and chrome trim, your truck will turn heads. You can also use the bed to haul stuff around, if you choose to.

New Chrome, Grill, Bumpers, Headlight Bezels, and Mirrors

Rounding out the package are sparkling new dress up parts. It’s the attention to detail that sets us apart from any other classic Chevy truck maker.

Bench Seat with Carpet

If we can find an original bench seat that is in fantastic condition, we’ll install it. Otherwise, we’ll find a reproduction that will suit your needs. When it comes to the floor boards, it’s up to you – new carpeting will come standard.

New Weatherstrip and Molding

We install all new weatherstriping and molding to ensure a quieter ride with no drafts.

Single Stage Paint

We paint all of our trucks at our facility using premium and durable paint. Depending on the needs of the client, we can paint your new custom Chevy truck almost any color wanted. Some colors and finishes may incur additional costs. Call us for details.

Whatever wheels came with Truck

New Aluminum Radiator with Electric Fan

Keeping the 350 V8 cool requires a premium and upgraded cooling system. We do not clean and reuse original cooling system parts in our custom Chevy trucks.

*some equipment that originally came with these trucks many not be available today. For instance, original emblems are sometimes very costly to acquire and therefore must be replaced with reproductions. In these cases, additional costs may be incurred depending on what the client desires. Please call for more information.