Getting The Right Parts For Your Classic Chevy Pickup Truck Restoration

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Restoring Classic Chevy Pickup Truck

Working on your truck is one of the things that you look forward to, especially if you own a 1950’s Chevy pickup truck. This is your pride and joy and your passion. You want it to look nice and run perfect. To achieve your goals of restoring it or keeping it on the road, Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has all the Chevy pickup truck parts that you will need to make your truck look and run great. Here are a few items that will help you while restoring your truck.

Disc Brake Conversion Kit

restoration - Disc Brake ConversionOne of your Chevy pickup truck parts that can be upgraded would be converting to disc brakes. Disc brakes are a nice upgrade for many reasons:

  • The brakes are very easy to inspect to see if the pads are worn and need replacing
  • You don’t have to remove the wheel to inspect the brakes
  • Disc brakes are completely self-adjusting which means little maintenance for you
  • There’s a wide variety of pads that you can use for your vehicle
  • And many more…

Disc brakes are a nice upgrade for your truck. They help you stop faster, and they don’t depreciate your truck. The Chevy pickup truck parts that you can trust are at Tuckers Classic Auto Parts. Disc brake conversion sets go for $399.95 and have everything you need to successfully convert your drum brakes to disc brakes.

Hood Hinges

Hood Hinges For Classic Chevy Pickup Truck RestorationThere are a few things in life you take for granted until you don’t have them anymore and hood hinges are one of those things. These hood hinges are spring loaded which helps assist you when lifting the hood. There is nothing better than having that spring loaded hood to help you when you’re working with your Chevy pickup truck parts. The other benefit of having the hood hinges is that they help you stay safe while working on your truck. They help you lift the hood and they help the hood stay up while you’re working on the engine. These Chevy pickup truck parts are specifically made for your truck. Make sure that when you buy them that you get a right side and a left side at the same time. The last thing you want is your hinges worn out while you’re working on the truck or it not being able to open it all the way.

Carpet Kits

Carpet Kits for Chevy Truck RestorationOne of the nicest things you can have in your truck is nice carpet. You can tell when someone has done a hack job on their carpet repair. It is really important that you get the right color and texture. A few things that people notice right away with your truck are the upholstery, smell, and carpet. The carpet is one of the main pieces of the inside of any vehicle. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has all colors and kits for all of the different Chevy pickup trucks. Here are a few options that you might be interested in:

There are many options to choose from that will make your truck look like it did when it came off the lot. The carpet kits are a great way to make that interior pop and they all start at $179.99.

Bench Seat Covers

Bench Seat Covers for your Classic Chevy Truck restoration ProjectOne of the best Chevy pickup truck parts you can get for your truck is a bench seat cover. This will help your truck have the appeal of a nice bench seat. We all know that over time that seats get worn and that cracks start to appear and holes start to get formed. You can try to find a used seat that will fit your truck or you can get a nifty seat cover. This allows you match the original carpet or dash and it can help you add some flare to your truck if you want. The seat covers are a great way to get your truck looking and feeling like it did when it came off the lot.