Preserving the Legacy of the Chevy C10 Trucks

“I love driving the cool cars, but there is nothing like driving a pickup truck.” – Dwayne Johnson

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The popularity of pickup trucks has grown exponentially that trucks almost dominate the road today. Beyond the cool façade and comfortable driving experience, pickup trucks provide several benefits that make aficionados prefer them over fancy cars.

And when it comes to jaw-dropping pickup trucks, Chevrolet is the name of the game. With its C10 series, Chevrolet consistently dominated the automobile industry since 1918.


C10 Truck in History

C10 truck is a remarkable Chevy masterpiece that gained popularity over the years. Made from half a ton chassis, the C-10 truck is well-known to be the most adaptable, all-around trucks in history. Chevrolet crafted different models of their C10 trucks over three generations (1960-1966, 1967-1972, 1973-1987) with various body styles.


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The first generation of C10 truck were originally manufactured with 8- and 6.5-foot bed with wheelbase longer than 115 inches. These 1960s baby evolved over the years with better weight distribution and fancier features.

This gave birth to the second generation with redesigned exterior and a more stylish, modern look. The 1967-1972 C10 truck series were a feast to the eyes and dubbed as Glamour Pickups with their classy finish and remarkable exterior – a double-walled, rust-resistant body made from sheet metal and steel.

The third generated C10 trucks were the rounded versions with emphasis on door frames and windshield. They have longer wheelbases for both 6.5- and 8-foot bed.


C10 truck restoration

Preserving Legacy

The Chevy C10 trucks were the greatest, best-selling pickup trucks of its time. This helped Chevy gained its title as the leading pickup truck manufacturer in the US.

First Series 1950-1954 Truck Restoration by

While C10 trucks are no longer being produced today, they constantly dominated the truck industry as they continuously gain popularity in the restoration community. With classy looks, rugged performance, and vintage vibe, getting a C10 truck for collection or travel companion is worth your bucks. You can find used C10 trucks in the market and have them restored.

Here at Your Custom Chevy Truck, we take great pride in creating beautiful, Chevy C10 trucks that you can show off and drive every day.

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Chevy First Series 1950-1954 Truck
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1st Series 1950-1954 Restoration
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First Series 1950-1954 Restoration
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