Searching For The Perfect Custom Chevy Truck For Sale?

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Your search is now over! All you have to do is tell us what you want in your dream Chevy truck, and we will deliver! Maybe you have fond memories of your grandparents old work truck, and you’d like to bring back those good times. Perhaps you saw an old Chevy truck abandoned in a field once and dreamed of restoring one yourself someday, but the time to look for parts is just not available? Or you have been searching for the perfect custom Chevy truck for sale and none of them are quite what you really want? Whatever the dream, whatever details you want to be just right, at Your Custom Chevy Truck, we can deliver exactly the truck you want!

Getting Your Ideal Truck Without The Hassle Of Searching For Parts

custom Chevy truck for saleIf you have ever thought about restoring a vintage Chevy truck you have probably realized what a labor of love it truly is. First you have to find the truck year and body style you want and purchase that. That may be the easiest part of the journey. Then you have to begin the time consuming project of tracking down all of the new or replacement parts the truck will need. This can and does include searching through:

  • Swap meets
  • Car junk yards
  • Parts sales warehouses
  • Web/internet searches
  • Classified ads

After you have found all of the parts you need you have to go get them, or have them shipped to you, and those costs can add up quickly. Then you have to just hope they fit after unpacking them! Not all aftermarket parts fit perfectly! And original parts may not be perfect, the parts may need restoration themselves sometimes. Just finding parts for sale for your custom Chevy truck could take years! Once you finally locate all of the parts, then you would have to put the whole thing together. Many restorations end up being from the frame up…meaning, very few are projects that can be done over the course of a year of weekends. They almost always take longer than you thinks they will.

Expertise is needed for quality engine rebuilds, precise bodywork, upgraded electrical systems, transmission rebuilds, cooling system rebuilds and a nice paint job. Add to this a new interior, carpet, glass window replacement, interior details like visors, knobs and trim, body trim, and all of the other details. Are you able to do all of this by yourself or with friends? Will you contract some of it out? Do you have all of the tools you need? The space? There is so much to consider and plan for if you are wanting to make your fantasy Chevy truck a reality. To get precisely the the custom Chevy truck you want it could take years…OR you could get it for sale much sooner and for much less work, from Your Custom Chevy Truck.

The Best Custom Chevy Truck For Sale Is The One You Get From Us

custom Chevy truck for saleWe have a better option for you than that project truck that takes so much time and work. We suggest you tell us exactly what you are looking for and let US find the correct fitting parts, let us tend to the details, let us do the restoration for you. We start with the year and style you want, using original parts whenever possible. From there, we build your dream truck the the following as standard:

  • Independent front suspension
  • Power rack and pinion steering
  • Power brakes
  • 5.3 LS V8 engine
  • 700r auto transmission
  • New Edelbrock carburetor
  • All new glass
  • New wiring
  • New gas tank
  • New plumbing for brake, fuel, and transmission fluid lines
  • New dual exhaust
  • New weatherstrip and molding
  • And much more!

We also offer many extra optional features like bucket seats, fuel injection, power windows and many more extras. Pretty much any extra detail you would want from a custom Chevy truck for sale, we can provide to you. You simply tell us what you want, we build it to your specifications, and when it is done, you get to just turn the key and drive off into the sunset with your dream truck. Have a look through all of our features for a truck, compare having to do a restoration yourself with the ease of requesting one through Your Custom Chevy Truck. Then you can stop searching for a custom Chevy truck for sale and just have one made to order from us!