The 1950 Chevy Truck Advance Design Series Remains A Classic To This Day

Big Window Cab - 1950 chevy truck

Beginning in 1947, Chevrolet rolled out their newly redesigned truck models, the Advance Design series.  These trucks were immediately loved for their new larger cab size as well as for the new robust and curvaceous looks.  This new series was an instant classic as far as trucks went. The headlights were integrated into the front fenders, the windshield was split in the middle and was bigger than the predecessors’, and the grille was newly designed with thick horizontal bars. As an option, new “rear quarter windows” could also be had for better visibility.  

The 1950 Chevy Truck Advance Design

The cab had been resized to be 8 inches wider and 7 inches taller, so it could now easily fit 3 passengers on the also new bench seat. The Advance Design series pickup truck came in three sizes, the 3100 models (½ ton), the 3600 models (¾ ton) and the 3800 models (1 ton). These models came with a 6 cylinder engine, either a 216.5 cubic inch Thriftmaster engine or a 23.5 cubic inch Loadmaster designation.  The base model came with the 216.5 size engine. Transmission was a 3 or 4 speed manual transmission. These models became bestsellers and would make Chevrolet the leader in truck sales for years to come.

What Made The 1950 Chevy Truck For Sale Different From The Rest

The Advance Design series ran from 1947 to 1955.  The truck design and details didn’t change a whole lot over these years.  The 1950 Chevy truck looked very much like the previous two years models. It had the same standard equipment, including the 216.5 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine, the Rochester B carburetor, the same 3 or 4 gear manual transmission.  It came in the standard three sizes, ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton with corresponding wheelbases of 116 inches, 125.25 inches, and 137 inches. The cargo beds were 50, 78, 87 or 108 inches long depending on the model and had a wood plank floor.  It came with a six-volt negative ground electrical system.

Also standard for the series was the heater/defroster, accessory radio, “four-fold” ventilation system (referring to roll down side windows, cowl top ventilator, foot operated floor vent, and the fresh air vent on the curb side of the cowl), painted grilles and bumpers on the standard models and chrome on the deluxe models.  Options for the 1950 Chevy pickup truck were to include:

  • Chrome radiator grill
  • Longer running boards and rear fenders
  • Dual tail and stop lights
  • Oil bath air cleaners
  • Rod style radio antenna (dealer accessory)
  • Locking gas cap (dealer accessory)
  • Underhood lamp (dealer accessory)
  • Non glare rearview mirror (dealer accessory)
  • Single bar bumper

Very little changed for the 1950 Chevy truck from the previous year, with the exception of a new style of telescopic, tubular shock absorbers which was an upgrade from the older lever style shocks.  Also this would be the last year that had a driver’s side cowl vent. There were 12 exterior colors available for 1950 Chevy trucks and these were:

  • Forester green
  • Swift red
  • Armour yellow
  • White
  • Jet black
  • Omaha orange
  • Cape maroon
  • Mariner blue
  • Windsor blue
  • Seacrest green
  • Sun beige
  • Cream medium

There were ten manufacturing plants where these 1950 Chevy trucks were made for sale, there are listed with the assembly plant code number in parentheses:

  • Flint, MI (1)
  • Tarrytown NY (2)
  • St. Louis MO (3)
  • Kansas City MO (5)
  • Oakland CA (6)
  • Atlanta GA (8)
  • Norwood OH (9)
  • Baltimore MD (14)
  • Los Angeles CA (20)
  • Janesville WI (21)

For the selling year 1950, the number of trucks made by Chevy was 494,573. Prices started at $1400.00.  Chevy trucks were the #1 selling truck in 1950. People liked the way they looked and the way they performed.  Luckily, because they were popular and so many were made, it is still possible to find these 1950 Chevy trucks for sale here and there in the United States.  You can buy them already restored or you can find your own to restore yourself.

However, as with any classic car restoration, parts are harder and harder to come by.  Especially parts like chrome and trim pieces, glass, lights, and interior parts. The time and cost of hunting these parts down is considerable.

This is exactly where Your Custom Chevy Truck comes in.  

The 1950 Chevy Truck Advance Design

Your Custom Chevy Truck specializes in frame off restorations of 1950’s Chevy trucks. This is not a reproduction truck! This is an actual build/restoration of a 1950 Chevy truck, built to your specifications.  We rebuild the truck of your dreams. The process starts with YOUR dream.

You tell us what model, features, and options you want. We find the truck and all of the parts and we rebuild the truck for you. It will have new glass, a new gas tank, a new radiator and electric fan, new front disc brakes and wiring harnesses.  While we do a clean and complete rebuild, we also want you to be able to drive your truck daily, we want it to be reliable and a pleasure to drive.

A 1950 Chevy truck rebuild will cost $26,950. For extra options, such as bucket seats, windshield visor, fuel injection, air conditioning, 4×4 frame and other modern amenities, the price will vary depending on the price of the options or extras you want.  

For more information on our service and options, or to put in a custom order for your own 1950 Chevy truck, contact Your Custom Chevy Truck now!