A Chevy LS Engine Is An Option In Every Custom Chevy Truck

LS Engine on Custom Chevy Truck

Each and every first series (1947-1955) Chevy Truck that we build at Your Custom Chevy Truck can be equipped with a 5.3 LS V8 motor. Why the LS engine? This small-block engine is a powerhouse of performance potential for each custom truck.


Why the LS Engine?

The Price Is Right

There are so many good reasons why Your Custom Chevy Truck can benefit from installing a LS engine. To start with, the price is right. LS motors have been produced since 1997, and they came standard in several Chevy autos, including trucks, Corvettes, and the General Motors Cadillac.


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This means that there are plenty of them in the marketplace. Because of this, the Chevy LS remains reasonably priced. And because the LS engine is plentiful and also very popular, replacement parts for the LS engine are also plentiful and relatively inexpensive.

Add that to the fact that Chevy is still a large auto manufacturer in the US and is still making parts for the engine. So replacement parts will be easy to find and easy to pay for heading into the future.

This is good news for enthusiasts who buy a custom Chevy Truck from Your Custom Chevy Truck in the event that engine parts will ever need to be replaced. Owners will be able to find them easily at a low cost. And that is just one reason why Your Custom Chevy Truck makes the swap to the LS motors.

Chevy LS Engine

Plenty Of Aftermarket Parts And Support

Due to the prominence of LS engines and parts, there is also a large variety of aftermarket parts and modifications that can easily and affordably be used for the LS engine type. That includes performance camshafts, turbo kits, cylinder heads, and swap kits.

A lot of modifications can be done if you so desire. This is fantastic news for buyers that want to do the upgrades and modifications themselves. If buyers want to take their truck to a performance shop, kits and parts are not going to be hard to find for the mechanics, which helps keep prices down and availability up.

LS Engine Displacement

Engine displacement refers to the measurement of the volume in the cylinders as they are swept by the pistons. This volume measurement in the LS engines is expressed in liters, hence, the LS engines that can be installed in custom trucks from Your Custom Chevy Truck will be a 5.3L size engine.

This is also somewhat of an indicator of how much power the engine can be expected to produce, and how much fuel you can expect it to consume. LS truck iron block engines come in two main sizes, the 4.8l, and the 5.3l. As stated previously, Your Custom Chevy Trucks come with the iron block 5.3l V8, topped off with multi-port fuel injection.

This is a fantastic and versatile engine that can be modified easily, or driven stock with plenty of power and the performance you dream of.

Strength Of The LS Motor

The strength of the engine comes from its block design. The LS engine starts with a cast-iron block (cast aluminum blocks are available as well) and was designed and introduced in a Y shape. The Y shape design is very rigid and uses 6 bolts in what GM calls "snap-fit cross bolting".

There are two bolts horizontally and 4 bolts vertically that hold the main cap to the block. This keeps the block and the crankshaft unrelentingly rigid and strong. The bolts are especially long and twist deep down into the block, which greatly minimizes variation and distortion in the bore of the cylinders.

Your Custom Chevy Truck builders wanted to work with a dependable, solid engine to install into the heart of their trucks. As a result, the LS Motor presents the best choice starting at the cast-iron block.

Size And Weight Specifications Of The LS Truck Engine

A fully equipped LS engine weighs about 460 pounds, so it can fit into all kinds of autos and trucks. The family of LS motors has smaller proportions than many other competing motors, so they are really easy to swap into a variety of cars, even ones with small engine compartments.

This is due to the configuration of the LS V8 engine, it is designed to be compact with its pushrod style, the camshaft is inside the engine block, which results in size efficiency. Great design equals a versatile and great engine.

Performance And Power Of The Chevy LS Truck Engine

Chevy hit the ball out of the park when they created the family of LS engines. This bunch of small block V8 motors were designed to come ready for action with great horsepower and torque right off the line.

This design feat came about from the latest computer technology that tested port lengths and the ideal head design performance. Horsepower and torque are greatly affected by port length, so finding the perfect length makes a huge difference.

The intake manifolds were also designed in this manner. Chevy wanted the LS engine to create useable power in the low RPMs, and then found this engine also performed great with higher RPMs. They also concentrated on details like the size of the cam, creating a large cam core. This allows for a .006 plus lift cam that doesn't harm the motor.

All of the LS family of engines take modifications surprisingly well, an average cam/head swap can net your truck up to 100 hp. There are a lot of modifications that can happen quite easily for increased horsepower for these engines. Have fun with them, play around, and see what happens! And as for life, well, these robust engines can last up to 300,000 miles with regular and proper servicing. So procuring your classic custom truck through Your Custom Chevy Truck allows you to not only have a beautiful classic truck to drive but that you will be driving it for many miles into the future.

The Chevy LS engine family is versatile, plentiful, and incredibly popular. They are powerful and long-lasting engines. This all contributes to it being the most favorite V8 engine in history, and why so many people swap this engine into their favorite cars. These are also the reason why Your Custom Chevy Truck swaps them into the trucks they rebuild and restore for their customers, it's just the best darn V8 iron cast available!

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